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Colombia Diofanor Ruiz

Boozey, macerated strawberry, cacao nibs. 




Diofanor Ruiz has been producing some of our favourite coffees over the years growing coffee in the Quindio region of Central-West Colombia. Diofanor grows coffee above 1,600 metres and all under shadow. He is a strong believer in biodiversity with his farm having minimal impact on the natural environment. 

Just 4 years ago he only produced washed coffee but through the guidance of our green partner, Cofinet he started to grow some honey lots. With limited drying facilities at Diofanor's farm, Cofinet began purchasing ripe cherries and processing them naturally at their processing station (Finca la Pradera). Now, Diofanor has expanded his drying facilities which enables him to conduct his own experimental processes.

This superb lot from Diofanor is an Anaerobically fermented, naturally dried Castillo. The extended fermentation in a sealed environment has compounded the huge fruit flavours we have always loved in Diofanor's coffees while remaining juicy and sweet. 

Flavour Breakdown

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