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Ethiopia Terbe

Lemon, jasmine, honeysuckle, delicate.




Country:  Ethiopia
Altitude:  1,600
Processing: Washed
Varietals:  Mixed Heirloom
Region: Guji
Cupping Score: 87 

This lot is from the Terbe washing station located 3km from the town of Uraga, in the famous coffee growing district of Oromia. Smallholder farmers who typically only have 1/8-1/2 hectare of land deliver their coffee cherry daily. Washed lots such as the Terbe are depulped the same day before being fermented overnight followed by a drying process on raised beds for around 8-15 days.

In Ethiopia smallholder farmers typically deliver cherry to their local washing station and are paid by weight at the market rate. This means that coffees in Ethiopia are normally traceable to the washing station level where delivered cherry are sorted and processed as lots.

Flavour Breakdown

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