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Guatemala Los Caballitos

Red apple, praline, shortbread, buttery mouthfeel.




Country: Guatemala
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Region: Quiche 

Cupping Score: 86

In the western highlands of Guatemala is a region known as the ‘Ixil Triangle’. Here you will find Finca Los Caballitos owned by Oscar and Christian Schaps. ‘Los Caballitos’ meaning ‘the little horses’ in Spanish overlooks three beautiful lagoons with magnificent views of Huehuetenango to the north and the Chajul Mountain range to the south. The coffee is planted in loose soil, with a high content of clay and sand over a limestone base. With a steamy, hot and humid climate, the farm experiences an average rainfall of 200 inches per year. Aligning with the Schaps brothers respect for the land, at least 20% of Finca Los Caballitos is reserved for natural forest and conservation, allowing natural flora and fauna to flourish. This is our second year working with the Schaps family and we are delighted to showcase their latest harvest.

Flavour Breakdown

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