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Kenya Kainamui

Green apple, caramel, plum.




Country:  Kenya
Altitude:  1,600-1,800m
Processing: Washed
Varietals:  SL28 & SL34
Cupping Score: 87

Kenya is a coffee origin that provides exceptional quality and flavour profiles through traditional processing techniques and attention to detail at the best mills and estates. Kenya has one of the most transparent and strict coffee buying systems in the world via the Nairobi auctions.

This lot is from Kainamui Coffee Factory. Kainamui is situated in Ngariama location, Gichugu division of Kirinyaga County. It was established in 1963, on the flowing slopes of Mount Kenya. The Kainamui factory has 2000 members, 1200 of whom are men and 800 of whom are women. These producers are very small, owning to the average of only 200 trees.

Flavour Breakdown

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