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Kenya Muthigi-ini

Red cherry, red currant, blackberry, caramel, sweet.




Country: Kenya 
Altitude: 1,310-1,900m
Processing: Washed 
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Batian & Ruiru 11
Region: Kirinyaga
Cupping Score: 88 

Kenya is a coffee origin that provides exceptional quality and flavour profiles through traditional processing techniques and attention to detail at the best mills and estates. Kenya has one of the most transparent and strict coffee buying systems in the world via the Nairobi auctions.

Muthigi-ini Coffee Factory is located in Kirinyaga District in Central Kenya. Established in 1968 on 7 acres of land serving the Cieni, Gaciongo, Kiaragana and Kariko Villages. It is operated by the Rwama Farmers’ Co-operative Society, which has around 2,800 active members and operates two factories.  The membership of this F.C.S represent just 263 hectares of coffee land.

The area experiences a biannual production cycle with the first harvest being from April-June and the second harvest from October-December. Main varieties grown are SL-28 and Ruiri 11 with SL-28 accounting for 99% of all coffee produced and Ruiru 11 accounting for 1% of production.

Sugary, sweet and juicy, this is everything we love about Kenyan coffee.

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