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Timor Leste - Parami Washed

White grape, milk chocolate, cola, silky.




Country: Timor Leste
Altitude: 1,700m
Processing: Washed
Varietals: Timor Hybrid, Moka, Typica
Region: Ermera
Cupping Score: 87

Timor Leste is one of the world’s youngest countries gaining sovereignty in 2002. Coffee is set to become the nation’s most vital export. This washed process coffee is sourced from the village of Parami in the Ermera region at an altitude above 1,700 metres.

The coffee cherries are fermented for fifteen hours before undergoing a three week drying period across a combination of Colombia, Timor-Leste and African style beds.

This is our second year working with Coffees from Parami and we are proud to support their progress.

Flavour Breakdown

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