Located under four iconic heritage-listed terraces in East Melbourne, you’ll find Mr. Tod Café. The impressive building was established in 1878 as residential terraces known as Tasma Terrace. Today, it’s home to the National Trust and Mr. Tod Café.

Mr. Tod Café is a dining oasis in the heart of Melbourne. Not just a café, Mr. Tod boasts a patisserie wine bar, private function room and outdoor courtyard. Opening their doors 2015, they offer a modern cuisine in a bright and vibrant space. They value freshness, quality, seasonality and speed of service.

Coffee, specialty coffee in fact, is core to their offering. They serve up Veneziano Coffee’s Estate blend alongside a rotating seasonal microlot menu, currently on offer is a Guatemalan and Kenyan that they serve in their Fetco batch brewer.

We met with head barista Paul Santamaria, who is spearheading the specialty coffee focus within Mr. Tod. To Paul, when he hears the words ‘specialty coffee’, the word ‘care’ comes to mind. “Care for the product you’re using, the experience that you are creating. An appreciation of the traceability of your raw product and accountability for fair trade practices.” Said Paul.

He also places great emphasis on customer education. Paul says “I have the best fun when exposing people to filter coffee, explaining the differences in brew methods and how those translate to customer experiences. Explaining that each coffee has individual nuances like wines do and how we express those in each coffee.”

If you’re looking for a destination where experience is key, look no further than Mr. Tod. Their focus on organic, seasonal food coupled with specialty coffee with a story, in a uniquely ‘Melbourne’ space will not disappoint.

Address: 2 Parliament Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002
Hours: Mon – Thurs 7am – 4pm, Fri 7am – 7.30pm
Coffee: Veneziano Coffee Roasters – Estate Blend
Facebook: @mrtodeastmelbourne
Instagram: @mrtodcafe