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Earl Grey Teabags

A refreshing and aromatic blend of organic Ceylon black tea and triple distilled Spanish Bergamot Oil. One of our most adored tea!



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Twice refined-organic Spanish bergamot oil is blended with organic Ceylon tea and cornflowers to create a clean, refreshing and aromatic blend traditionally appreciated in the afternoon. 

The Chamellia Tea range is ethically traded & certified organic. 

50 tea bags per pack 
Tasting Notes: Bergamot, Complex, Refreshing 
Ingredients: FBOP Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Blue Cornflowers 
How to Prepare: Start by taking one Infuser Pyramid and add to 220mL of hot water (90०C). Set your timer for 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Once the timer sounds, remove your Pyramid Infuser and enjoy.

Flavour Breakdown

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