With a focus on specialty in everything we do, we’re proud to partner with Chamellia Tea, leaders in sourcing and supplying organic specialty tea in Australia. Chamellia blends and single estate teas are now available at and for our wholesale café partners via 13 COFFEE. 

What is specialty tea? Why is it different from normal tea?

Specialty tea is made for the purposes of maximising character and flavour compared to commodity tea which, is tea manufactured for the purposes of maximising yield for an acceptable quality.

‘Acceptable’ is a big difference from gaining the best flavour possible, and the difference is considerable in manufacturing practices. Specialty tea is leafy grade tea produced with the intention to enhance and fully express the characteristics present in the leaf and in the aroma producing plants, it is typically hand-picked and sometimes hand rolled. Commodity tea uses more of the leaf and accelerated manufacturing practices that speed up production but lose complexity. The yields are very different, specialty tea produces smaller yields but teas of significantly higher quality.

Chamelia Specialty Tea is our new range of exclusive tea and is limited in supply. The tea is sourced at peak season due to flavour enhancement and typically ranges in price from $150-$300 AUD, the expense typically relates to the amount of effort and labour when producing the tea and this is the main difference between specialty and commodity tea.

Where is the tea sourced?

Specialty Tea grows within the tropics, preferably at elevation. The majority of Chamellia tea is sourced from all over Asia including China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Chamellia has a unique direct trade relationship in Sri Lanka, partnered with Ahinsa estate, an organic ethical tea producer. Through this partnership, Chamellia has significantly enhanced the trade, tea quality, and working and living conditions of the workers.

What is Single Estate Tea?

Single estate refers to a single plantation from which the tea is produced. Tea sourced and used in Chamellia is sourced from tea bushes at Ahinsa tea estate.

As part of the increased interest in tea, consumers are demanding more information on the origin and manufacture of teas. Tea brands offering specific information on the “Providence” of tea including the estate name, name of the producer, lot number, harvest date etc are perceived to be of higher value than blended teas or teas purchased from markets where the origin is unknown. This trend has given rise to further tea tourism, where tea professionals seek to learn more about tea manufacture and tea origins.

Who is Chamellia tea?

Chamellia Organic Tea, is now the leading organic tea sold to coffee companies in Australia. Believing in the importance of building industry and sharing knowledge, Chamellia co-created both the Australasian Specialty Tea Association and The World Tea Championship (now the leading tea brewing competition held in China).

Nathan Wakeford of Somage has travelled to more than 100 tea plantations internationally. The knowledge gained through these travels is shared through, Somage product training and educational resources.

“Excellence, quality and authenticity is the heart of our business; our pride in our brand – not to mention our love for our products, customers, suppliers and staff – filters and flows through everything we do.” Brent Williams National Business Development Manager, Somage Fine Foods.

 Why offer specialty tea in your café?

  • Chamellia Teas are all certified organic, approachable yet innovative and generate excitement across all channels of business.
  • The teas have not been exposed to pesticides or herbicides in the production or packaging of the tea.
  • Chamellia Tea is sourced directly from tea estates that are committed to sustainable and ethical trade practices.
  • Much like coffee, tea is a revenue generating product. By offering high quality tea that is made and presented well, in a way that is valued by your customers, significant sales revenue can be generated.
  • An increase in 20 tea sales per day can generate as much as $400 additional profit per week.

Try our Single estate tea

Yuzu Tea

On the fog-shrouded slopes of Kirishima Mountain, Japan’s southernmost tea cultivation region, grows our Yuzu Kukicha. The vibrant green stems of Kukicha blend harmoniously with the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, yielding a revitalizing and sweet tea with a punch of citric lime fruitiness.

$26 – Try it here.