Brazil Sertãozinho

Located in the mountainous region to the south of Minas in Brazil, Fazenda Sertaozinho have been producing high quality Arabica coffees since 1948. Sertaozinho now has 160 employees and 370 hectares of coffee producing land.

Manager and agronomist, José Renato Gonçalves Dias, takes great pride managing the Fazenda in an ecologically responsible manner with the objective of preserving the life of the fertile soil for years to come.

Every step from planting to drying is all done by hand. This process allows for a selective harvest by only hand-picking the ripe cherries. After hand picking and pulping the coffee is then dried on traditional Brazilian patios Such care in the processing stage certainly shows in the cup.

Guatemala Finca Colombia

The city of La Antigua is located in one of the most desirable growing regions in Guatemala and it is here where Finca Colombia is located, five kilometers south from the central park of La Antigua Guatemala, on Km 48 marker of the road to the city of Ciudad Vieja. Embedded in the slopes of the Agua Volcano, at 5,000 feet above sea level.

Originally founded by Oscar Asensio del Valle and now managed by René Méndez Asensio, Rene’s family has been managing Finca Colombia since 1925. Each generation has taken time perfecting their processing techniques. René takes great care to invoke sustainable and environmentally conscious practices on his farm, avoiding the use of chemicals and caring for the local flora and fauna.

This particular coffee is a product of our most recent origin trip to Guatemala where we selected some delicious coffees to bring back to Australia. René and his family pay scrupulous attention to detail at every stage of the coffee process. The cherries are harvested by hand only when perfectly ripe, then wet milled and then sun dried on their large drying patio.

Guatemala Finca Potomay

Finca Potomay is owned by Herbert Ruiz & Perez family. Located in Huehuetenango Guatemala sitting isolated just 20km short of the Mexican boarder at an elevation of 1800m. A very small drying patio is perched with the farmhouse at the top of the mountain in the ridge line with the farming land falling away below it.

This place is seriously remote. It takes a 14 hour drive over 3 mountain ridges to reach. But when you get there, the view is breathtaking. Lush mountains underneath big blue skies.  Herbert’s nursery contains a number of varietals with Caturra the most widely planted. The soil is rich volcanic, rainfall plentiful.  Very steep slopes make picking hard work, but the reward is an intense blackcurrant profile.

Used in Bella.

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Colombia La Cascada

Named after the waterfall running through the farm, La Cascada is the largest farm we work with in Colombia. Managed by Diego Moncada, La Cascada has been producing amazing coffee for years. They’ve developed an incredibly systematic approach to the growing, processing and traceability of their coffee, including taking soil samples with GPS coordinates to analyse quality and ascertain the fertilisation needs, logging rainfall and harvest periods and linking this all back to final cup tasting reports to determine what has impacted final flavour in the cup.

La Cascada also renews or replants 20 percent of their trees every year and anything over 1,600 meters is replanted with Caturra which has been producing higher quality coffees despite its susceptibility to leaf rust. As one of the biggest employers in the area with 200 employees year round, La Cascada has a strong commitment to the community, providing exceptional accommodation and dining facilities for their staff and supporting the local church and hospital.

Colombia San Fernando

Surrounded by the mountainous Farallones with access to rich volcanic soil and fresh spring water, San Fernando is provided with perfect conditions for production of high quality coffee.

San Fernando has around 200 hectares of coffee trees at an altitude ranging from 1,400 to 2,100 meters. Humberto has been farming at San Fernando since the 1970s but in 2006 he hired two new farm managers, Gabriel and Luis Guillermo, who brought a new enthusiasm for coffee.

Keen to better understand what makes a quality coffee and the processing and farming techniques behind it, they began to split the farm into separate processing lots to further understand the intricacies in flavour that their farm produces. There are two mountains on the San Fernando farm and what they found after separating out their processing lots is that the left mountain actually cups with consistently better quality than the right. There are also higher quality coffees to be found in the areas of the farm above 1,600 meters which is where our coffees are sourced. These separate processing lots allow us to fine tune the flavour profile of our coffee and work to create a repeatable product.

Used in Forza and Estate depending on Season.

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India Sethuraman Estates

Nishant Gurjer; avid cricket fan, sixth generation coffee farmer with a passion for single origin Robusta; owner of Sethuraman Estates and partner in India’s specialty coffee exporter Kaapi Royale Coffee.

Located in Magundi in Chikmagalur, a region known for tropical weather patterns and monsoonal seasons, the estate began producing fine quality Robusta and Arabica coffees in the 1950s, 100% shade-grown under areca nut and coconut trees wrapped in pepper vines. Grown in the rich Bhadra River soil, an area recognised as one of the world’s important biodiversity hotspots, Nishant has introduced low-water-usage processing equipment, uses his own worm-compost fertiliser and a special Ayurvedic insect foliage spray.

In 2012 and each year since, Sethuraman Estates’ uniquely grown and processed Robusta achieved recognition as the world’s first certified Fine Robusta in the new ‘R’ Coffee program run by the Coffee Quality Institute. The program is based on CQI’s Q Coffee system created for Arabica coffee and operates with similar grading procedures. Sethuraman Estates is also three-time winner of Best Robusta in the Coffee Board of India’s ‘Flavour of India’ competition and received the highest-ever rating for a Robusta coffee of 94 points from respected USA publication, Coffee Review.

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Used in Forza.

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