Brazil Maristela Souza

Velvety, toffee, hazelnut, raisin.

Size: 250g
Grind Type: Whole Beans


Country: Brazil 
Processing: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Region: Matao
Cupping Score: 86 

This is the 5th year we have worked with the amazing Matão Women in Coffee group (Mulheres do Café - Matão). Formed in 2013 and comprised of 24 female coffee producers they focus on changing lives through quality improvement.

In 2015 the group took out first place in the Paraná quality contest, with a lot produced by Eloir Nogueira de Souza. The next year they won again with a coffee produced by Laura de Freitas. With selective picking being a rarity in Brazil, the group has seen their quality increase exponentially and are being rewarded for their hard work.

This lot was grown and produced by Maristela Souza who has produced some of our favourite coffees from the group over the last 5 years.