El Salvador Icatu

Pear, panela, milk chocolate.

Size: 250G
Grind Type: Whole Beans

Country: El Salvador 
Processing: Honey
Varietal: Yellow Icatu
Region: Cerro El Tigre
Cupping Score: 83

Finca Las Mercedes was founded in 1886 and has been managed by five generations of the Ortiz family. Lucia Ortiz continues the tradition today and has won a number of accolades including the Cup of Excellence in 2006 and 2009. The farm is located in Santiago de Maria, Usulután on the side of the dormant “El Tigre” Volcano providing rich volcanic soil quality. 

These coffees mark our second year working with Lucia at Las Mercedes. This particular lot is a yellow icatu honey processed coffee that has a sugary sweetness in the cup.