1TH November, 2019

DelAgua Coffee – Neighbors & Crops

DelAgua Coffee – Neighbors & Crops

Experience La Palma & El Tucan’s award winning processing techniques in a different region!

The Neighbors & Crops model was established by La Palma & El Tucan to share innovating processing techniques to a greater audience and help other producers elevate the quality of their coffees.

Located in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, DelAgua Coffee is the first to adopt the Neighbors & Crops model, working with small scale producers in the municipality of Cienaga, Magdalena.

Through this community-based model, DelAgua have been able to challenge the status quo and positively impact traditional coffee farmers at La Sierra Nevada, changing the way they produce and market their coffee cherries. DelAgua pay their producers 59% more than the Colombia’s average price.

La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest coastal mountain in the world and is blessed with a diverse microclimate. These farms are located between 1,300 and 1,800m with an average size of 4 hectares. Temperatures range from 14-23 degrees, creating unique microclimates that favour the concentration of sugars in coffee cherries.

DelAgua produces its coffees using the minimum amount of water in their processing and encourages all whom inhabit the region to become the guardians of biodiversity. By using only natural and honey processing methods, DelAgua aim to reduce water usage by 880,294 litres per year (compared to traditional washed methods that use up to 40 litres per Kg).

We’re lucky to be showcasing three naturally processed Castillo coffees from DelAgua Coffee. These coffees are from the same region, of the same varietal with the same process methods. The processing begins with a pre-fermentation stage of 24 hours at the receival station. From here, cherries are moved to the drying stage where its placed on African-style raised beds for over 25 days and is raked and rotated every 4 hours. Due to the levels of sugar and moisture, the first days will be crucial to avoid microbial activity prolongation. Following this, parchment coffee will pass through to dry milling and is finally sorted by hand.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Explore all three individually, or in this pack to see how microclimates and different producers impact the final cup.


Jorge Arias – Lot 4
Kiwi, mangosteen, apricot, lemon syrup
Farm – La Libertad
Village – La Paz
Altitude – 1500m
‌Jorge started working with coffee when he was 16 years old picking coffee cherry during the harvest period. 25 years later, Jorge finally had enough savings to purchase his own farm, La Libertad. The farm is located at 1,500m in the La Paz village with 3.5 hectares and approximately 13,000 coffee trees. Jorge tends to the farm himself throughout the year. Throughout the harvest he employs just four workers for selective hand picking and processing as well as manual weeding and pruning. Buy the coffee here.

Marcos Navarro – Lot 11
Maple syrup, milk chocolate, cherry
Farm – El Diviso
Village – Cerro Azul Paramo
Altitude – 1690m
Marcos Antonio Navarro and his wife Rosa Estella, have been working in coffee for 30 years. After working on other farms during harvest for 10 years, Don Marcos was able to purchase his three hectare farm where he has planted 15,000 Castillo trees. Marcos and Rosa have 8 children, 5 boys who assist with cherry picking and wet milling and 3 girls who oversee the dry mill. ‌Buy the coffee here.

Jose Ulbeny – Lot 16
Vibrant yellow peach, macerated strawberry, candied lime
Farm – El Porvenir
Village – La Paz
Altitude – 1380m
Don Jose and his wife Flor started growing coffee fifty years ago in search for a better lifestyle. Jose had been working in coffee from age 18 partaking in harvesting at surrounding farms. 40 years later, Don Jose had enough saving to purchase his own farm, El Porvenir, located at 1,380m in the La Paz village where he has planted 15,000 coffee trees. ‌Buy the coffee here.

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