Have you ever taken the first sip of a takeaway coffee and been let down?  Previously there hasn’t been a way for café owners to ensure consistency between dine in and take away coffees  because cup volumes vary so significantly.

The problem is there are no way for café owners to ensure consistency between dine-in and takeaway cups, with most disposable coffee cups larger than the volume advertised, resulting in a completely different taste experience for the customer.

Recognising the gap in the market, we partnered with Detpak, an Australian-owned specialist paper and board packaging manufacturer, to address the issue. Developing a first of its kind, specialty takeaway cup range – the Precision Series by Detpak.

Currently, take away coffee cups in the market offer no consistency. We tested existing in market products sold as 6oz, 8oz and 12oz and rarely did they measure accurately. All cups in fact, were larger than advertised volume by as much as 20%.

Due to takeaway cups being significantly larger in volume than dine-in cups, baristas find it difficult to achieve a consistent taste experience with the recipes they use. Unfortunately, in most cases, extra milk is added to the same espresso volume, resulting in a weaker take-away coffee for the customer.

The Precision Series has been designed to replicate the in-store coffee experience, and to ensure consistent taste through the perfect coffee to milk ratio every time.

Available in 160ml, 200ml, 240ml and 320ml, the Precision Series match the most common cup sizes supplied by the industry’s most popular specialty ceramic cup manufacturers such as Inker, ACME and d’Ancap.

Craig Simon, Coffee Consultant for Veneziano Coffee Roasters was integral in driving the project. On the new Precision Series he said, “Coffee lovers no longer have to compromise on taste when they take their coffee away. The new Precision Series serve a consistent coffee taste, strength and experience in every size.”

The Precision Series offer benefits for café owners, baristas and consumers alike:

  • The same taste experience for the customer, dine in and take away
  • Better control over coffee to milk ratio and consistency for the barista
  • Reduces milk consumption for the café and the consumer
  • Matches standard cup sizes available in Inker, ACME and D’Ancap
  • Will be available in RecycleMe technology in mid-2018



*After testing the market, we found the standard available 6oz cups were found to be on average closer to 7.5oz, 8oz measured closer to 9.3oz and 12oz measured closer to 11.8oz.

The Precision cup range will be exclusively served in Veneziano partnered cafes from February 2018, a list will be published online shortly.

For product enquiries please contact Veneziano on 13 COFFEE (263333).

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