22TH January, 2019

Coffee Roasting Masterclass with Scott Rao

Coffee Roasting Masterclass with Scott Rao

We’re excited to have coffee expert and author, Scott Rao joining us to host a three-hour Roasting Masterclass at Veneziano Coffee Richmond. With over two decades of experience as a barista, coffee roaster, and consultant, Scott will be sharing insight into the methodologies he has collected over many years consulting. Whether you are a novice roaster or a veteran with decades of experience, you will leave with plenty of useful new ideas and methods to implement at your roastery.

Check out our interview with Scott for more of an insight into what to expect in this 3-hr masterclass.

The class will include:

  • Three hours of lecture and Q&A
  • Cupping and curve analysis of the “Roast Defect Kit” to demonstrate good, baked, and underdeveloped roasts.
  • Methods to manage ROR curves
  • Advanced methods to prevent ROR crashes and flicks
  • How to modify roasting machines for better performance.
  • Pro tips to get the most out of Cropster and other roasting software.
  • How to adapt various strategies to different types of machines.
  • Bring all of your curiosity and most pressing questions.

WHEN: Saturday 9th February 2019

WHERE: Veneziano Coffee Richmond, 16 River Street, Richmond VIC 3121

TIME: 8am – 11am

COST: $300

BUY YOUR TICKET HERE: masterclasswithscottrao.eventbrite.com.au

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