21TH October, 2019

Train your Senses V2

Train your Senses V2

Following on from the success of our first Train Your Senses event, we’re proud to announce Volume 2!

Being able to assess coffee accurately and confidently is now a pre-requisite for any specialty barista. Without formal training, the process of becoming a good “taster” can take many years.

This workshop follows on from the first in the series and is designed for a wide spectrum of coffee professionals – from Q Grade aspirants, Baristas, café staff, to even home baristas. Essentially, anyone who would like to develop their sensory skills, improve their ability to assess coffee profiles, and optimise the taste from their chosen coffee.

This 2hr interactive class will give you a better understanding of how you perceive and identify tastes, aromas and flavour. Our Espresso & food workshop will focus on articulation, especially in the realms of bitterness, sweetness and acidity. We will explore familiar tastes before delving into more exotic aspects of the flavour wheel in the hope of expanding our taste vocabulary.

Our Triangulation workshop will explore the notion of recognising and isolating flavours, identifying primary flavours and thus being able to confidently pick ‘the odd one out’ in a fun and interactive set of activities.

WHEN: Wednesday 30th October 2019

WHERE: Veneziano Coffee Richmond, 16 River Street, Richmond VIC 3121

TIME: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

COST: $30

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