Barista vs. Machine – Brew Bar, Greenway ACT

Event Date:

How would you fare head-to-head with the Übermilk system? And does full automation improve workflow?

In this Smackdown series, participants will be split into two groups, barista (manual) vs machine (full automation). Participants will need to create two milk coffees based on their allocation, and will be judged on speed, latte art and wastage. This is a knockout series leaving us with two competitors to compete in the final round. Both finalists will receive $500 for their efforts.

To finish, our winner, as machine (full automation) will go head-to-head with 2018 Australian Barista Champion, Craig Simon (manual).

The event will be held at Brew Bar in Greenway. You don’t need to be a participant in the smackdown to attend!!  But everyone, including participants will need to RSVP via Eventbrite to secure your spot!

WHEN: Wednesday 25th July, 2018
WHERE: Brew Bar 32 Reed St North, Greenway ACT 2900
TIME: 6pm- 9pm