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This event is for you to better understand the variables you can control in your cafes to make tasty coffee.

In this workshop, we will cup 3 origins, using 3 different waters and 3 different grinders to demonstrate the impact each controllable variable has.

We’ll give you the skills to:

  • Identify the different effects that water, grind and origin has on flavour manipulation
  • Detect what flavours are in your coffee and how to utilise the various tools to bring those flavours to life
  • Understand how water changes flavour dependant on mineral content and source
  • Get the best from your chosen grinder

The event will be held at Alimentari on Brunswick Street. Come along from 5.30pm for drinks upstairs, cupping will start at 6.00pm. Please RSVP to attend.

WHEN: Wednesday 1st March, 2018
WHERE: Alimentari, 251 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
TIME: 5.30pm