17TH September, 2018

Guatemala Finca Potomay

Guatemala Finca Potomay

Finca Potomay is owned by Herbert Ruiz & Perez family. Located in Huehuetenango Guatemala sitting isolated just 20km short of the Mexican boarder at an elevation of 1800m. A very small drying patio is perched with the farmhouse at the top of the mountain in the ridge line with the farming land falling away below it.

This place is seriously remote. It takes a 14 hour drive over 3 mountain ridges to reach. But when you get there, the view is breathtaking. Lush mountains underneath big blue skies.  Herbert’s nursery contains a number of varietals with Caturra the most widely planted. The soil is rich volcanic, rainfall plentiful.  Very steep slopes make picking hard work, but the reward is an intense blackcurrant profile.

Used in Bella coffee blend.

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