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Gunpowder Green Looseleaf

Said to resemble small pellets of gunpowder, once infused, these leaves open to create an inviting, smoky green tea.




A tea said to resemble pellets of gunpowder, packed with antioxidants and naturally low in caffeine. The mild tannins in this green tea provide a slightly smoky flavour. 

The Chamellia Tea range is ethically traded & certified organic. 

375g loose leaf tea per pack 
Tasting Notes: Smoky, Grassy, Depth 
Ingredients: Green Tea 
How to Prepare: Start by measuring the amount of tea you will need (1.4g/100mL), then prepare your hot water (85०C). Add both to your teapot and set your timer for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Once the timer sounds, remove your tea leaves and serve.

Flavour Breakdown

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