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30TH August, 2012

La Marzocco: handmade by artisans in Italy, handled by artisans in Australia

La Marzocco Strada arrives at First Pour MelbourneThe design maestros at La Marzocco have been leading the way since building their first hand made espresso machine in 1927; a tradition that continues to this day in Florence, Italy.

Over the years, the company has patented innovations such as: horizontal boilers that allow for a greater number group heads; semi-automatic mechanisms allowing pressure to be released from the portafilter whilst minimising steps for the barista; and the introduction of spring-and-piston lever machines. La Marzocco later added an electric gear motor to create automatic water pressure – resulting in the creation of ‘crema’ and thereby revolutionising not only the taste of coffee, but the entire espresso coffee and cafe industry.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters are proud to be official onsellers of La Marzocco in Australia.

Angelo Gencarelli from Veneziano Coffee Roasters, explains why La Marzocco are the most respected in the cafe industry.

“The introduction of the dual boiler system revolutionised the way baristas produce espresso”, says Angelo, on what makes the La Marzocco so remarkable.

Single boiler machines will have temperatures varying between five and 10 degrees, which usually means inconsistent coffee, no matter how good your barista is.

“Having two independent boilers means that you are able to use both steam wands during peak times and still have the optimum pressure available for good shots. There is no compromising the quality of your espresso.

“The other important technology La Marzocco use is the saturated group heads attached to the boiler; a patented group head design that produces a stable temperature at the group head regardless of how busy you are. So the customer experiences the same quality of coffee at 8am when there are 40 customers in the queue, as at 3pm when there are no people waiting for coffee.

“Temperature control is the single most important factor in producing a great espresso; not only great shots, but being able to produce consistently great shots,” says Angelo.

La Marzocco with custom art at First Pour MelbourneVeneziano's custom La Marzocco at the First Pour AdelaideLa Marzocco at the First Pour Brisbane

Veneziano’s customers love La Marzocco espresso machines because of their reliability, stability and pure good looks.

From a design perspective there are a variety of models available fitted with the latest gadgets, all with their own unique look and added extras but all made with the famous La Marzocco functionality.

For more information about owning your own La Marzocco espresso machine contact Veneziano Coffee Roasters on 13 COFFEE or email OR your local Veneziano distributor.

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