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2TH October, 2017

La Marzocco Linea Classic v Linea PB

Ever wondered what the real differences are between the La Marzocco Linea Classic and Linea PB?

La Marzocco’s Tom Beaumont and our Craig Simon talk about the fundamental differences between the two models and how to decide which is best for your cafe.

The Linea Classic has been in the Australian market for over 20 years and is instantly recognisable from its straight-lined, boxy shape.

From the opposite side of the espresso bar, to a customer, these machines look very similar in design with the key difference being the finish. The Linea PB has a mirror finish and the Linea Classic has a brushed metal finish.

As a barista, using the machine you will notice some other very important differences from a functionality point of view:

Linea Classic

  • Volumetric control pad
  • Manual button to work with as a barista if volumetric pads fail. Coffee can always be made minimising machine failure potential for café owners.
  • Fully saturated group head for excellent temperature control.

The Linea PB                                      

  • Volumetrics are now operated by 3 backlit buttons and are dual function with a long and short press option giving you 4 programmed shot volume options.
  • Digital interface gives the barista easier access to the programing funtions of volumetrics and temperature control.
  • Group head: The pierro cap allows for a shorter distance of water travel through the group head, this shorter distance enables an even, fine-tuned water temperature control so that the recovery is even better.
  • Serviceability: The solenoid and flow meter are tucked at the base of the group head. Making Service simpler by taking the lid off the top of the machine panel and allowing access from the top. A very easy process and allows for faster service and minimal disruption to the café owner and operations.

Similarities in both machines

  • Dual boilers
  • Stable temperature control
  • Reliable steam performance for busy cafes even when under maximum demand
  • Saturated group heads for extremely stable temperature
  • PID control which will monitor your temperature

In Craig’s opinion, “Whichever machine you choose, you are guaranteed to make a fantastic coffee.” The Linea Classic is a brilliant and reliable coffee machine that will continue to stand the test of time. The PB’s additional features gives you more control and scope for experimentation, and for the real coffee geeks, the ABR machine is the ultimate in terms of control and functionality.

For the full run down on the Linea Classic versus Linea PB, check out the video below.



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