Otto Stove Top Coffee Maker

Otto Stove Top Coffee Maker

What happens when Craig Hiron, founder of Otto Espresso drops in at the First Pour Melbourne to give us a bit of a demo? Experimental coffee making sessions is what!

The Otto is featured in our Home Espresso Studio, where our baristas will take you through a hands-on experience with any of the machines in there (note: appointments are necessary, email: and we provide a free 1 hour lesson valued at $150 with the purchase of any machine.

We are pleased to provide you with some tips that we found useful while experimenting with it, that will help the Otto owner or future owner:

– First of all, the best approach is the same as any espresso machine – ensure you have fresh, high quality coffee on hand.
– To prevent the coffee coming in contact with water that’s not at the right temperature (to prevent sourness etc), we were playing around with warming the water up first (and the unit) before the coffee comes in contact with it.
– In addition we found that it’s best if you grind 23 – 26 grams of coffee.

Pls note we used the induction stove top that has been specially developed to work with the Otto (if using a gas top, the heating results will differ).

OVERALL, some very pleasing and quite impressive results! The quality of the milk steamer is as good as any other machine and considering it’s a passive espresso maker, you end up with a great coffee!

Check it out in our online shop.
Watching the espresso extractionThe Otto Espresso Stove Top coffee maker also has enough steam to produce a nice textured milk
A warmed up Otto producs a lovely espresso wth the right grind size of about 23 - 26 grams of fresh, quality coffeeOtto Espresso Stove Top coffee maker with Induction Top available from Home Espresso coffee Studio at First Pour (Melbourne)