19TH November, 2018

Our Precision Series Takeaway cup now recyclable with Detpak’s new RecycleMe™ lining.

Our Precision Series Takeaway cup now recyclable with Detpak’s new RecycleMe™ lining.

We’re excited to launch the newest iteration of our Precision Series with the takeaway cup range now available with Detpak’s new RecycleMe™ lining.

The Precision Series promotes the perfect ratio of coffee to milk.

With takeaway cups significantly larger in volume than their in-café equivalent, The Precision Series solves this problem, by providing a takeaway cup range that matches the volume of commonly used in-café cup sizes. This ensures a consistent taste through the perfect milk ratio every time.

Now, the cups feature the innovative new RecycleMe™ lining. This next generation lining is designed to come away from the cup easily during standard recycling procedures, allowing the cup to live again as paper products.

With more than a billion paper cups sent to landfill each year across Australia, Detpak’s Marketing and Innovation Manager Tom Lunn said the RecycleMe™ System promotes a longer life for the paper cup fibre and supports a circular economy to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible. “Our RecycleMe™ System is a total end to end solution, turning takeaway cups into recycled paper products, and contributing to positive global environmental change,” Tom said.

The cup fits in the RecycleMe™ System, with cups collected by industry partner Shred-X and guaranteed to be recycled.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters were one of the first brands to launch with this innovative recycling system, and CEO Craig Dickson said the RecycleMe™ System would provide a true solution for the coffee industry.

“We’re excited to be one of the first coffee roasters to be implementing Detpak’s RecycleMe™ System for our customers, as we know consumers want the convenience of takeaway coffee without the guilt of the waste of the cup,” said Craig.

Craig added that, “The coffee industry has long struggled with hitting key sustainability goals because of the sheer number of takeaway cups going to landfill each year.”

Our Richmond and Surry Hills cafes are now using the Precision Series with RecycleMe™ lining. You will also find RecycleMe™ bins for their disposal. Our West End and Adelaide cafes will follow shortly.

RecycleMe™ – Cup today. Paper tomorrow. 

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