STEP 1                                                            

Sign up to our 14 day trial offer

Select our Crave Auto-Ship Sample package and we’ll send you a FREE 250gm bag of freshly roasted coffee to try if for yourself. It should arrive on your doorstep within 2-5 business days.

STEP 2                                       

14 days later, your subscription will start

After 14 days you’ll automatically receive a fortnightly shipment of fresh roasted Crave coffee direct to your door. With our fully-flexible Auto-Ship packages, you can change blends or frequency at any time. No lock-in contracts - you can simply cancel within the first 14 days at no cost to you. 

As a Veneziano subscriber you can enjoy the following perks; 

  • FREE Barista Masterclass (valued at $150)
  • FREE Shipping
  • VIP access to new coffee releases and sales
  • Member discounts off selected online products 


What do I get for free?  

When you sign up to the Crave Auto Ship sample package we will send you a FREE 250gm Crave. A 250g Crave bag give you on average 12-14 double shots, which reverts to 24-28 single cups of coffee. 

How long will a bag of 250g Crave last for? 

A 250g Crave bag give you on average 12-14 double shots, which reverts to 24-28 single cups of coffee. 

What will I receive once my 250g bag has run out? 

After 14 days, we will ship you, your first 1kg bag of Crave. 

What is the frequency of the Crave Auto Ship? 

Frequency is every 14 days, however if you find you have too little or too much coffee you're able to modify your subscription at anytime. 

What is the cost of the Crave Auto Ship? 

You will be billed fortnightly at a rate of $54 for 1kg Crave. Including FREE shipping. 

When will I be billed? 

You will be billed 14 days once you have signed up for the trial offer. 

I don't have a coffee grinder. Can you pre-grind my beans?

Yes, we can send you freshly ground coffee. When you purchase your subscription select how you want your coffee delivered (whole beans or a choice of ground options). You can also update this anytime by logging into your account.

What are the benefits of subscribing? 

All subscriptions include:

- FREE MASTERCLASS with our Barista Champions (Valued at $150)

- FREE SHIPPING on subscriptions of 1kg or more

- 10% saving on barista accessories, tea, chocolate and more

- Priority access to new coffee releases and sales

Do you charge for shipping?

FREE SHIPPING on all prepaid subscriptions and subscriptions of 1kg or more. A delivery fee applies for subscriptions under 1kg.

Do you only offer Crave Subscriptions? 

The Crave Bonus Subscription is currently only offered on our Crave blend, however, you can change your recurring order to one of our other blends.

Can I modify my subscription? 

Yes, at any time you can log into your account to update your subscription.

You can change to a different blend or product, update your delivery frequency or change your volume.

Can I change blends? 

We're confident that you'll love Crave our most popular blend, however if you have discovered another blend you're willing to try you can change your subscription at any time. 

How do I book my free masterclass? 

You'll be sent a Welcome email of your subscriber perks including a link to book your free masterclass. 

How many cups of coffee can I brew with a 1kg Crave? 

A 1kg Crave bag give you on average around 50 double shots, which reverts to 100 single cups of coffee.