White chocolate magic

In this video National Barista Champion Runner up, Jade Jennings, with a little help from her daughter Isla, share how to make a White Chocolate Magic at home.

What you will need

If you’re struggling to entertain the kids this school holidays, why not get them involved with making our white-hot chocolate magic.

NB - You know your child - only ask them to assist in the following steps that you think is appropriate for their age.

We also recommend steps 3-6 are done by an adult.

  1. Assist your child to add cold milk to you milk jug, pouring up to the base of the spout.
  2. They can then add 2-4 dessert spoons of Arkadia white drinking chocolate into milk jug. 
  3. Ensuring the steam wand is pointing into the drip tray, turn on the steam wand to purge. 
  4. Position steam wand in the spout of the milk jug and angle wand to 3 o‘clock. This will encourage the milk to spin. 
  5. Turn on steam, slowly introducing air, while using a teaspoon to scrap the chocolate powder away from the steam wand.
  6. If steaming milk for kids, Baristas will turn off the steam when the jug feels warm rather than hot. Purge and wipe down with a clean damp cloth, ensuring to remove all the chocolate powder.
  7. If your child is old enough, assist them to pour the warm chocolate into mug or ask them to add the mini marshmallows!


The result is like rich vanilla ice cream in a cup - Also great for your inner child too!

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