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4TH June, 2018

Puqpress: In Review

Puqpress: In Review

“Puqpress is one of the fastest growing barista tools in the world and has already taken the Australian specialty coffee industry by storm.” – Barista Technology Australia.

Making the best coffee comes down to a number of factors from dosing, distribution, tamping, machine choice and more. In a busy café, getting every factor right, every single time, is the biggest challenge for a working barista.

This is where the Puqpress comes in. What is a Puqpress you might ask?
Puqpress is an automatic tamping machine designed to deliver a consistent tamping experience every time.

Throughout the coffee making process, there are multiple variables that can have a considerable impact on the extraction of espresso. One of the most important of these variables involves tamping, where the evenness of the tamping surface and tamping pressure may vary greatly. This variance occurs from one barista to another, but also in the consistency of technique within each barista, particularly during busy periods. It is in these situations where automation becomes vital.

As Puqpress does not distribute the coffee, you will still need to either manually distribute or use a beneficial distribution tool. You can read all about why we believe distribution tools help your café here.


  • Pressure control –Control the tamping pressure and depth for your ideal coffee shot. The tamping pressure is easily adjustable, always consistent and extremely precise.
  • Perfectly level –Designed to tamp perfectly level.
  • Precision –More precise tamping with reduced channelling and improved flavour.
  • Safe –No RSI issues.
  • Consistency –Perfect espresso shots, regardless of the barista.
  • Speeds up workflow –Increases multi-tasking and efficiency.
  • Tested –Industry proven technology.

Introducing the new Q2 Puqpress
This automatic coffee tamper offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.


  • Non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up.
  • New advanced stiffer frame provides further precision and life span.
  • New easy adjustment wheel simplifies correct setup.
  • Updated design now works perfectly with naked porta filters.

We took to our street accounts to find out what they thought of the Puqpress and how it improved their workflow.

Felix Dolin of Alimentari Smith Street says that whilst the Puqpress initially took some time getting used to, it has proved to be a highly effective, welcome addition to their workspace. “My wrists are definitely thankful to the Puqpress and I would never look back after using it. I would highly recommend it. We are spoilt to have one.”

In addition to the health benefits, Felix says that the Puqpress has improved consistency in their coffee, delivered more efficiency and encouraged a much cleaner workspace. The ability to multi-task, and place the handle in the puqpress and leave it there whilst starting another coffee has meant more time to do other things, like interacting with customers.

Laeth Woosnam, Head Barista at Code 21 Café in Brunswick is also a fan, stating the Puqpress has allowed him to consistently achieve the best tamping pressure, something that is nearly impossible to achieve manually.  Laeth says it is easy to use and has improved the overall speed of service due to its ability to dual build coffee handles. Whilst Laeth, alike many baristas, admits he was initially apprehensive of the Puqpress, he was quickly won over by its many benefits to workflow and wrist health.

We pressed Laeth to find out if he still practiced manual tamping and what skills are easy to forget when not utilising them. He replied, “You can lose the muscle memory of how hard you should be tamping and the angle at which you tamp. As a barista, I would like to keep up my manual tamping skills because I could find myself working in a café that does not have one. Although, I believe that every café will invest in a Puqpress from now on.”

The Puqpress improves workflow and operational efficiency due to the speed of tamping. It also creates consistency when there are multiple baristas as each would tamp with different pressure and have a different extraction time.  Although these variances may still deliver quality coffee, cafés can lack consistency in delivery. The biggest benefit of the Puqpress is that it minimises RSI issues and creates a safer work environment for baristas.

WHOLESALE: Please call 13 COFFEE (13 263 333) or email to purchase or for more information.

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