6TH September, 2017

Reground is on a Mission

Reground is on a Mission

As a customer, do you ever wonder what happens to all that coffee waste you see being tapped into the knock-tube at your local cafe? OR as a cafe, do you wonder how you can have someone take the waste off your hands and turn it into something good for the environment?

We’ve been wondering the same thing. With our focus on sustainability and doing what we can to protect our precious environment and reduce our waste, finding a way to reuse our coffee grounds seemed like an easy, common sense approach. After some searching, we found Reground.

Reground is a brilliant initiative founded by ex-barista Ninna Larsen that works to divert all ground coffee waste from landfill, educate the community on waste resources and help the coffee industry help the environment.

Working as a barista in Brunswick East, Ninna watched the nutritious ground coffee resource go into the general waste bin every day. With the desire to create and innovate, she bought a wheelie bin and took the ground coffee to CERES which is a community organization in the heart of Brunswick East that teaches everything to do with sustainable living – such as gardening, bee keeping, composting, worm farming, sustainable energy and keeping chooks. That was in 2014. Since then Kaitlin, a corporate refugee, joined forces with Ninna together they built the service up and made it available to all of Melbourne’s sustainably-minded cafes. We so excited to be working with this passionate team, as one of their roaster partners.

There are approximately 2,600 cafes in the City of Melbourne. These cafes produce around 156,000kg of coffee-ground waste every month, contributing almost 262 tonnes of toxic methane gas to our atmosphere. Reground is a sustainable waste management service for used ground coffee. They redirect organic coffee waste away from landfill, redistributing it to gardens city-wide, reducing the carbon impact of coffee consumption.

Ground coffee is an exceptionally nutrient rich material, making a powerful soil amendment and a highly sought after organic matter for community gardens, farmers, and home-gardeners alike. By collecting the used coffee grounds from cafés and roasteries, Reground provides an innovative and dynamic service, creating a positive impact on the environment and their communities.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters go through quite a bit of coffee with our training classes so partnering with Reground is the obvious step in reducing our waste. Our aim is to put any coffee waste to good use and keep it from harming the environment in any way. We want our customers and cafes to drink their coffee happily knowing that we are doing all we can to be sustainable in every process of our coffee growing, purchasing, roasting and consuming.

If you want to join us in turning your ground coffee waste to beautiful flourishing gardens, you can find out more about Reground here. If you’re a Veneziano customer, speak with your account manager who’ll help get you started with 10% off!

Watch just how Reground works via this documentary made for the Environmental Film Festival – REGROUND FILM FESTIVAL



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