Bond St – 2018 Second Release

Our seasonal blend from microlot coffees showcases specific farms, varietals and processing methods. This blend changes every three months with the seasonally best available beans.


Intense creamy body. Low acidity. Dark chocolate, almonds and caramel. Brilliant milk based drink.


Estate is a great all round coffee whether its milk based or black. Very complex and smooth, it exhibits a velvety body with a mild, balanced acidity. It has flavours of toasted cashews, sweet spice with a lingering honey finish.


Bella is balanced blend with a silky mouthfeel and balanced green apple acidity. It exhibits notes of strawberry, nectarine and blackberry. Enjoyed with milk or sublime as black.


This fair-trade and organic certified blend has a juicy, citric acidity and a smooth buttery mouthfeel. It presents notes of cocoa, stonefruit and walnuts.