Whether it’s the beans, the business or anything in between, our dedicated team of coffee specialists work and collaborate with you to create the best possible environment for great coffee and set your business on the path to success.
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Direct source coffee


Our quality begins at origin where we source specialty grade coffees that can be traced back to specific farm lots, varietals and processing methods. This process is managed by our small team of dedicated green bean buyers who are all accredited Q-Graders, each specialising in specific origins.

The team builds positive relationships with our growers, regularly visiting the farms at harvest time to select coffees, work with farmers on improvements, experiment with different processing methods to develop unique lots, and support their local community.

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Barista trainer


We are strong believers in freely sharing knowledge. That’s why we place the utmost importance on training and developing our staff and your team to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

To help you achieve the best from our coffee, we provide free training sessions and industry workshops throughout the year. Most of our training team are champions in barista, latte art or cupping, and are fully qualified to train your staff to reach level 1 and 2 barista certifications.

Wherever you may find us, we’re always ready to share our insights to keep you across the latest industry trends.

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Coffee Roasting


Getting the best from coffee beans is a fine art that relies on the right people using the right gear. Our expert roasters use a state-of-the-art, fully customised Diedrich roasting system, combined with the technology of Cropster and our internal quality program to ensure every roast is up to our exacting standards.

But we don’t just reserve the best equipment for ourselves. We partner with respected brands, recommend and teach on industry leading equipment, and can fully customise machines for you.

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We work hard to make it easy for you to stand out from your competitors. From working the machines to running the back office, we’re experienced hospitality professionals who know firsthand what it takes to manage a successful business.

For us, this means investing in our people to be the most knowledgeable, skilled and up-to-date so they can support you in a practical and meaningful way.

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