5 things we love about the Mythos One grinder

If you haven’t heard of the Mythos One Grinder, seriously, where have you been? The Mythos One was developed by the dream team of the coffee industry – Colin Harmon (fourth place 2013 World Barista Championship), Fritz Storm (2002 World Barista Champion), James Hoffmann (2007 World Barista Champion) and Gwilym Davis (2009 World Barista Champion). They joined forces with Nuova Simonelli to develop the Mythos One Grinder.

It took four years to develop the grinder that addresses the key issue of achieving consistency in dosing and workflow efficiency.

These are the five things we absolutely love about the Mythos One grinder:

  1. Excellent dose consistency handle to handle.

The throat is very small. It only holds less than 2 grams of coffee. It’s also almost vertical, so gravity helps draw the coffee down and the burrs spin at the perfect RPM for consistency.

  1. Minimal retention of grinds.

This is due to the angled burr set and very shallow throat which means that grinds don’t get trapped. Refer to point one.

  1. Pre-heated burrs.

The coffee grinds and burrs are at a more stable temperature. This means we can achieve consistency of extraction from slow to busy workflow periods.

  1. The clump crusher.

This fancy little mechanism minimises the clumping of grinds in the handle which can cause uneven extraction.

  1. Simple cleaning.

It is quick and easy to take the burrs out and clean the grinder. Even better, it retains the grind setting without having to recalibrate. Good one guys.