What is the Pinnacle Series coffee program?

    Pinnacle Series coffees are ultra-premium releases showcasing and celebrating the highest achievement in quality. These rare and exclusive coffees were previously only experienced and tasted by champion baristas and judges at World Coffee Championships. Now available for you to experience at home or serve in your cafe.

    Gab Tan, Competitor and Barista for Veneziano Coffee talks about the first of 2024 Pinnacle releases - a natural gesha from Janson Estate in Volcan, Panama.

    First launched in 2020, the Pinnacle Series releases are offered in strictly limited quantities and always sell out. Sign up to our newsletter to get alerts on upcoming releases.

    Previous Pinnacle releases have included:

    • Janson Estate - natural gesha - Panama 2024
    • FInca Hartmann - natural gesha - Panama 2023
    • Finca Fehrenbach CCD Lot 39 - intrinsic cherry gesha - Panama 2023
    • Cerro Azul CGLE - natural gesha - Colombia 2022
    • Potosi CGLE - natural XO caturra - Colombia 2022
    • Las Margaritas CGLE - anaerobic natural sidra - Colombia 2022
    • Margot Fuentes CCD - static cherry gesha - Panama 2021
    • Finca Caballero CCD - intrinsic cherry pacamara - Panama 2021
    • Finca Victoria CCD - static cherry gesha - Panama 2021



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