How would you like to work for a progressive, dynamic and pioneering business in an ever-evolving industry?

Veneziano has been built one cup at a time. We are a people-driven business and we've grown our team from a small batch into an industry powerhouse, selecting our people as carefully as we select our beans - the best, most exceptional character profiles, outstanding examples of their kind.
We help people build careers of significance and make work a place to aspire and achieve. Driven by coffee - we meet regularly for cuppings, company updates and staff hangouts. We recognise MVP’s and extraordinary efforts. We send our people to origin in exotic places and for WBC accreditations in far flung places.

We’re also pretty competitive, backing our team to get involved in industry competitions. We say team because there’s not one master roaster, or rock star barista. Yes, we love to win, but remind ourselves we learn more from our losses than our wins. It's the journey that counts.

If you’d like to work among the best of the professional breed in an industry you love, we want to hear from you. View our latest opportunities here.