Cafe Spotlight Series

Whiplash, Hawthorn, VIC

"I enjoy coffee because I enjoy taking something seemingly simple and trying to perfect it each and every day."

Jordan Faulkner


Method to the Madness, Kenmore, QLD

" When we told our friends we were moving from Melbourne's crazy coffee culture to open a cafe in sunny Brisbane they said you must be crazy...there must be a method to your madness."

Urvik Bhalani

Method to the Madness

Madera, Northcote, VIC

" I like working in coffee because I am interested in coffee so it's easy for me to communicate why people should try this or do something a little different".

Pete Widdows


Comuna, Brisbane, QLD

" We work together to make the cafe come alive.....the secret to success is teamwork and drinking coffee every day."

Eric Yogarajan


Modern Hunter, Brisbane, QLD

"Being able to produce something amazing for people to enjoy every day and seeing them come back and say how good it was...that gives me the passion and drive."

Howard Fong

Modern Hunter