Veneziano Coffee Roasters turns 20!
Timor-Leste faces enormous economic upheaval, as its oil reserves begin to run dry. In its place, coffee is set to become the nation's most vital export. Here at Veneziano we work with some incredible producers including the team at Raw Material (RM) who have provides us with a number of coffee microlots from Timor-Leste over the last 3 years.

Australian Men's Health Magazine recently published their top 5 coffee machines for 2022. Included in the list is the Opal One specialty pod machine from Veneziano.

Dubbed the Master Barista the magazine ranked the Opal One machine a maximum 5/5 for Ease of Use, 4.5/5 for how it works and 4/5 for design.

Love the taste of fresh coffee beans? If so, it's important to know how to store them properly so that they stay fresh. Read this article for the best methods for storing coffee beans and how to keep them tasting great.

The latest addition to the burgeoning specialty coffee scene in the Canberra city centre is Green Bean on Moore Street. Visit the rockstar team of baristas for your morning cup of joe featuring Veneziano's Crave and Soar blends.
Maple and Pine is bringing a touch of specialty coffee to the cafe scene in suburban Isaacs, Canberra. The cafe gets its name from the abundance of maple and pine trees found in nearby Isaacs Ridge nature reserve, a 387 hectare protected area popular with mountain bikers and hikers.
Welcoming back iBean on Flinders Lane.

There’s an endless world of choice when it comes to equipment, tools and techniques to help achieve that perfect cup of filter coffee. Here are five simple tips you can follow to ensure the best cup possible each and every time.
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A home espresso coffee machine is quite an investment for many of us as we aim to enjoy a freshly extracted, cafe style coffee at home. So how do we keep it in tip top working condition in order to enjoy the quality at-home coffee for years to come?
We always recommend to distribute your coffee and while you are trying to perfect manual distribution, using a tool like the BT wedge can help you to ensure consistency.