Last week under the beating summer sun in Milan at the World Coffee Championships, Dan Shadbolt did Australia and Veneziano proud putting in a consistent and solid roasting performance over the three day contest.

In Dan's first visit to the World Championships he placed in 12th position with a final points score of 458.08. The top three on the podum in order were Felix Teiretzbacher (Austria), Simo Christidi (Norway) and Wisnu Aji (Indonesia).

Jordan Faulkner is co-owner of Whiplash cafe, a former milk bar in and under-serviced pocket of Hawthorn. Jordan has gone into partnership with a number of current and recently retired Collingwood AFL players in this venture including Jordan Roughead, Nathan Murphy, Callum Brown and Brody Mihocek.
Veneziano is delighted to be holding the inaugural Barista Battle competition in Richmond on Thursday 23rd June. 24 competitors will battle it out over three rounds to test their latte art, sensory and pouring skills. First prize is $1,500 plus a Pinnacle pack.

Welcoming back iBean on Flinders Lane.
Located in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Pollen is more than a café – it’s a destination. Specialty coffee teamed with picture perfect food really adds to the experience of visiting one of Australia’s cultural landmarks.
Our new espresso bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills is a hub for all coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

There’s an endless world of choice when it comes to equipment, tools and techniques to help achieve that perfect cup of filter coffee. Here are five simple tips you can follow to ensure the best cup possible each and every time.
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A home espresso coffee machine is quite an investment for many of us as we aim to enjoy a freshly extracted, cafe style coffee at home. So how do we keep it in tip top working condition in order to enjoy the quality at-home coffee for years to come?
We always recommend to distribute your coffee and while you are trying to perfect manual distribution, using a tool like the BT wedge can help you to ensure consistency.