Home Machine Maintenance Tips!

A home espresso coffee machine is quite an investment for many of us as we aim to enjoy a freshly extracted, cafe style coffee at home. So how do we keep it in tip top working condition in order to enjoy the quality at-home coffee for years to come?

We’ve prepared some tips that we recommend for looking after your domestic espresso machine. Read on to find out more!

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  • Wash hopper with hot soapy water, rinse and dry – NEVER put in the dish washer.
  • Use a paint brush to brush out any build-up of coffee from the neck of the grinder.
  • Back-flush the machine using a small amount of espresso machine cleaning chemical, roughly the size of your pinky nail. We stock Cafetto Eco cleaning products for home machines. See the range here.
  • Remove filter baskets from group handles, making sure to wash under the rim.
  • Scrub group handles so they appear shiny – that’s right… they shouldn’t be black inside!


  • Remove shower screens from each of the groups using a flat head screw driver. Wash screen and wipe head with a clean cloth, remembering to keep the screw in a safe spot; once cleaned return shower screen.
  • Soak group handles and baskets overnight. Only fill up water level to just below black handle, as the chemicals can discolour the handle.
  • You can remove the tip of your steam wand and place this in a cup of hot water to unclog any milk build up.




  • Keep a stop watch and shot glass by the machine. Use these to calibrate your shots throughout the day. Remember 30ml in 30secs is the aim.
  • Purge your steam wands before and after each jug of milk. This prevents milk from travelling up the steam wand where it will contaminate the water in the boiler.
  • Colour code your cloths to decrease cross-contamination, use a different colour for the steam wand than for benches.
  • Coffee needs to be stored away from: light, moisture, oxygen.
  • Store coffee in an airtight container under the bench, in a cupboard or pantry, not in the fridge. Also, don’t leave it sitting in the hopper. This minimises the amount of time the blades come into contact with the coffee oils.


  • Never soak your steam wands. This can cause water to travel into your boiler. For built up milk on your steam wand, wrap a cloth around it and turn on for a minute. The heat and steam will loosen any build up. For best results, wipe your steam wand after each jug of milk and then you won’t need to soak it.
  • Never try to clean the blades on your grinder. Best to leave this for the experts; call your coffee representative who will organise for a technician to come out.