Introducing Australia's first ready-to-drink oat milk espresso martini

As part of our approach to R&D we continually strive to introduce new innovative products. Our first foray into alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages features two artisinally brewed espresso martinis - the classic espresso martini and the magic martini.

The classic espresso martini includes coffee liqueur, our own Melbourne roasted cold brew coffee and vodka, infused with lemon myrtle and wattleseed extracts to create a truly unique take on everyone's favorite.

To create the innovative  Magic Martini, we have taken our vodka Espresso Martini recipe, blended it with oat milk and added a touch of Himalayan pink salt and rosemary extracts to round out the flavour experience.

“We’re really proud to bring our espresso martini products to market, the magic martini in particular. We’ve had lots of fun in the past creating alcoholic signature drinks as part of the Australian Coffee Competitions and in our own cafes, but it’s the first time we have experimented with pairing alcohol and specialty coffee in a range that consumers can enjoy. The Magic Martini is the first of its kind in a ready-to-drink format” said Veneziano’s Head of Research and Development, Pete Licata.

“We didn’t just want to make a regular espresso martini, we wanted there to be something unique and special about it. We made our own coffee liqueur and chose to add the lemon myrtle and wattleseed extracts because they’re classic Australian ingredients, but more importantly they pair so well with the coffee component of the drink. The lemon myrtle brings freshness to the profile and livens it up. The wattleseed creates depth that pairs really well with the coffee. It’s inherently quite a nutty and chocolaty botanical, so it works perfectly with coffee flavours.”

“Creating an oat milk version was a must for us. Oat milk is an extremely popular alternative milk option and its flavours work really well with espresso. When we added the oat milk to the espresso martini it was delicious, but we wanted to create a little more complexity.  I was surprised when we added the rosemary and Himalayan pink salt at how perfectly they paired. The rosemary brings a herbaceous element, and the pink salt highlights the sweetness of the drink without making it salty. It tastes great.”