Check out Erin Sampson in Epicure’s Summer Coffee Story!

Extract from Epicure article, Erin Sampson amongst good company:

Erin Sampson – champion barista and manager, Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Favourite coffee drink during summer?
Since the weather has warmed up, I’ve been experimenting with a cold-drip filter coffee made from a quality single-origin (this week I used the Costa Rican Black Pearl) with a sprinkling of panela (unrefined whole cane sugar) and a dash of full-cream milk, then finished off with some ice cubes. On a hot day it makes a lovely, refreshing alternative to warm coffee.

City cafe where you can enjoy a coffee in good weather?
Pearson & Murphy’s cafe has great coffee and it’s in a cool historic building at RMIT (off La Trobe Street) in the city. I love grabbing a coffee and walking up the stairs to sit in the courtyard overlooking the Old Melbourne Gaol. It has a great vibe on a sunny day.

Favourite cafe outside the city?
Rennies at Acheron, near Lake Eildon. The cafe is in artist Marian Rennie’s home, surrounded by her beautiful artwork. You can grab a coffee and walk around the grounds to view her organic vegie garden and her sculptures. The food is amazing, making the most of local produce.

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