Celebrating 20 years of coffee, community and evolution!

2022 marks the 20th year of Veneziano Coffee Roasters. Our Founders Craig Dickson and Rocky Veneziano previously worked together for 25 years in the coffee and hospitality industry before deciding to go out on their own with the mission of sourcing and sharing specialty coffee to Melbourne coffee lovers.  


Veneziano started roasting in 2002 out of a small warehouse in Bond St, Abbotsford in Melbourne. Back in those early days the pair roasted around 200 – 300 kilograms of coffee a week. What started as a company with two guys has today grown to a rock-solid community of Veneziano drinkers – 11-tonne a week worth in fact.  


We now roast out of our flagship site in Richmond, Melbourne as well as West End, Brisbane and supply coffee to almost 400 cafes across the country. We have cafes and training studios in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. Our team has grown from four in the early days to well over 100 across the country. All with a shared passion for coffee and making a difference to the lives of our community. 


Here at Veneziano, coffee is the means through which we create connection, impact and purpose. It is our obsession and our fascination. Through coffee, we support and sustain developing economies, small businesses and the everyday aspirations and achievements of our teams, customers and consumers.  


Our mission is to drive and inspire significant evolutions in coffee and create meaningful positive impact on our communities. To make a difference, every day. We look forward to the next chapter of evolution, endless cups of coffee, old friends and new ones.