Gabrel Tan and David Chun perform strongly at ASCA Coffee Championships

This week at the heritage-listed Kensington Town Hall built in 1901, ASCA held their 2022 Southern and Western Region Coffee Championships. Team Veneziano was represented by Gabrel Tan in the Barista Championship and David Chun in the Brewers Cup and both performed strongly in their first coffee competition.

Gabrel Tan, Head Barista for Veneziano Richmond achieved a stunning silver medal in the Barista Competition behind Anthony Douglas of Axil Roasters who won the gold. Gab put in a composed and confident performance in front of the judges delivering his three sets of beverages (espresso, milk-based and a signature drink) with time to spare. He chose to use a naturally processed gesha varietal from the Cerro Azul farm at Cafe Granja La Esperanza.

David Chun, Barista for Veneziano Richmond competing in a strong line-up in the Brewers Cup event also put in a compelling performance. While David missed out on a place on the podium, he impressed the judges with his unique blend of two gesha varietals sourced from the Cerro Azul and Las Margarita's farms at Cafe Granja La Esperanza.

Over its 20 year history, Veneziano has achieved considerable success in local and global competitions and are pleased the current generation of Gab, David and Dan Shadbolt are continuing the tradition of competing to win. 

For a rare opportunity to enjoy these competition grade coffees used at the ASCA event customers can purchase these through Veneziano's Pinnacle Series coffee range.

David Chun, Veneziano Richmond Barista delights the judges in the Brewers Cup at the 2022 ASCA Southern Championships

Gabrel Tan, Veneziano Richmond Head Barista puts in a skilled performance in the Barista competition at the ASCA Southern Coffee Championships