IWD 2023 limited release microlot Women Coffee Producers project

Every year we select a special coffee to celebrate International Womens Day. The 2023 IWD limited release coffee was sourced in collaboration with Cafe Imports via their Women Coffee Producers project.

Cafe Imports' Women Coffee Producers project was established in order to highlight organisations and associations of women producers in various countries. The program aims to address the widespread wage inequity that women experience by adding a gender-equity premium on top of a Regional Select base price; this premium is paid directly to the growers for use in any manner they choose.

The 2023 IWD limited release microlot comes from the 17 female producers of Colombia's ARGCAFEE who were paid a premium of USD 17c/lb above the going rate for their coffee.

Association de Transformadores y Comercializadores de Café Especiales de Argelia Cauca (ARGCAFEE) was formed in 2014  and has grown to be 230 members and 150 producers strong. ARGCAFEE has focussed on improving the landscape of Argelia and working together to achieve better prices for coffee.

This lot is also part of their coca substitution program where producers are subsidised coffee trees on a 1 plant in, 1 plant out basis for replacing coca trees.

Learn more about the Cafe Imports Women Coffee Producers project here.