Single Origins as a Growth Strategy

Milk and alternative based coffee drinks make up a sizeable portion of sales within a café. As a result, the coffees chosen by a café and served on bar are primarily blends, and this is usually driven by perceived consumer demand.

Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with this process but in most cases the black coffee drinker is served a blend which was not designed for the best black coffee experience. We know the modern coffee consumer is more educated and has access to more choice than ever before. If your coffee offering is not progressive then you are potentially underperforming when judged on quality by this knowledgeable demographic. With this in mind, it may even be fair to say that many cafes experience revenue problems rather than cost-base problems, due to a narrow coffee offering.

What if you could continue to satisfy the customers you currently serve, and draw additional foot traffic to drive higher levels of café performance?

This is where a coffee menu that considers a broader audience with specific outcomes will assist. Have a blend that meets the needs of the milk / alternative drinker and a second choice specifically targeted at the black coffee drinker. Consider this similar to a chef curating the menu; the ingredients and methods are chosen for the desired outcome of each dish.

Single origins are the perfect addition to any coffee menu for a café wanting to elevate its coffee credentials and become a formidable challenger to the competition while meeting the demands of an educated consumer. This one decision has the potential to improve the breadth of your menu, drive greater foot traffic, and produce higher revenues and profitability. Your café will produce a coffee menu that serves tasty goodness whether your customers choose milk based, alternative, black, hot or cold. You can become a destination for coffee drinkers within a congested café scene.

Veneziano Coffee has a range of blends and single origins which have been specifically and carefully selected for this exact reason. Our single origins are not used in our blends as they are selected to deliver the supreme coffee experience when served as a black beverage across multiple brewing methods. Veneziano Coffee blends have also delivered a market leading experience in the cup for 20 years.

Reach out to the team at Veneziano Coffee here for a sample of our coffee that will elevate your status as a destination café in your area and have your customers crave for more.

Barista using pourover method with customers sitting at bar.