Climate Active 1 year on

Twelve months ago we became a Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral Organisation. Reducing our carbon footprint has always been a priority and remains a key focus across our business.  

Looking Back

When we began this journey, we committed to making real changes, not just buying our way to neutrality. As we head into our second year, we're taking a moment to reflect on some of the actions we've taken and how this has helped reduce our impact on the environment. We have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by a sizeable 968 tonnes which is over a quarter of our total footprint. We achieved this by making some improvements to our waste management, consolidating and streamlining some of our freight, and moving to renewable electricity through Green Power.

The rest?

In areas we haven't been able to reduce, we have offset a total of 5,241 tonnes of GHG emissions via a variety of projects, including wind farm construction in India and hydropower construction in Türkiye since 2022.

What's next? 

We've taken some inspiration from the work of the UN Climate Change targets, and we aim to reduce our total emissions by 45% by the end of 2030 and reduce our reliance on offsetting. This will be reported on in our annual CSR report and we're happy to say that we are already at a 27% reduction. With new technology and our target in mind we will give it a red-hot crack!