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Strong and punchy.
Intense with a full body. Creamy with low acidity. 
Notes of almonds, dark chocolate and caramel. 

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Size: 250G
Grind Type: Whole Beans

Crave is the intense, full-bodied blend with low acidity. Number one seller.
Almonds, dark chocolate and caramel.

Learn how to dial in Crave with our Barista Trainer, Lachie in this video.


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Blend composition:
50% Brazil Serra Negra
30% Colombia Coocentral
20% India Sethuraman Estate Robusta

About this blend:

Brazil Serra Negra– located in the growing regions of South Minas. Serra Negra is a high quality example of the classic flavour profile Brazilian coffees are famed for. Nutty, chocolate and a very heavy body all come together to form the base of our most popular espresso blend.

Colombia Coocentral– this coffee is a blend of smallholder lots sourced from Coocentral, a progressive cooperative located in one of the most famed growing regions in Colombia, Huila. We have worked with Coocentral for four years now and watched the incredible progess of their farming communities. Services that Coocentral provide range from basic purchase and milling services all the way to financial support and agronomic services. They also have their own cafes to provide producers with the opportunity to sell their coffee to the internal market as well as export.

India Sethuraman Estate– Nishant Gurier is the man who has transformed the perception of robusta in specialty coffee. He has won the world’s best Robusta 8 times. We are proud to travel to this farm every year to monitor the harvest and are proud to be the only Australian roaster who Nishant works with. This coffee brings huge body and a delicious bittersweet cocoa flavour.

Find out more details on Crave including our suggested recipe below.