How to dial in Aspire blend

Aspire is our Organic and Fairtrade certified blend. Bright with a medium body. Watch the video as our Barista Trainer, Lachie shows you how to create cafe quality coffee at home with Aspire.


 What you will need:

  • A bag or two of the organic Aspire blend
  • Fresh cold milk or your choice of alternate milk
  • Freshly prepared espresso shots
  • Espresso machine


  1. Aspire is our Organic and Fairtrade blend. It's a little brighter than our other blends. You can expect cocoa, stone fruit and walnut notes in the cup.
  2. Brew in around 22 grams of coffee with a yield of around 36 to 38 grams out.
  3. Suggested brew time range is 26 to 29 seconds.
  4. Set your machine to around 94 degrees.
  5. More guidance and tips can be found in our Barista at Home guidebook
  6. If you have a little more time head to our Learn page to watch our masterclasses on dialling in.