How to order with Ordermentum

Ordermentum offers a convenient and easy way to place your orders with Veneziano.

Watch the video featuring Max from our Customer Service team to learn how to order with Ordermentum.



    How to order with Ordermentum

    1. If you haven't used Ordermentum before get in touch with your Sales Rep or our Customer Service team to receive a unique sign up link via email.

    2. Go to the App store and download the Ordermentum App (it's an orange icon with the M in the middle).

    3. This will bring up your supplier list. Select 'Veneziano Coffee Roasters' and you will land on the shop page.

    4. You can scroll through our categories and add your chosen products to your cart.

    5. From the Shop tab you can go over to the Scheduled tab where you can easily set up a standing order every week.

    6. You can also view your previous orders and invoices via the Orders and Invoices tab.

    7. Notifications. You can set up reminders to order here. Just scroll up to the little cog in the top right corner. Go down to notification settings and turn these on.

    8. Venue users. From the settings screen you can also add the email address of anyone else who wants to be able to place orders for your cafe.

    9. Payment methods. Here you can add in a credit or a debit card.

    10. Closed dates. Here you can enter in any closure dates you have coming up for your cafe. This feature helps our teams get a heads up in advance.

    11. That's how you use the Ordermentum App. If you have any questions please reach out to your Sales Rep or give the Customer Service team a call on 13 COFFEE.