Staff Pick

Airscape Coffee Canister

 The Airscape Coffee Canister is a simple and effective solution for storing your coffee beans at home or in the office. Using a patented valve system air is removed from the canister to create a partial vacuum which helps in preventing oxidation. 

Made from durable, stainless steel, the Airscape canister body resists staining and odor retention. The BPA-free clear top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container. As you press the lid down, air escapes through the handle making a nice "swooshing" noise so you know it is working.



  • Materials: Stainless steel, BPA-Free plastic, acrylic, silicon seal
  • Dimensions: 175mm (H) x 125mm (D)
  • Capacity: 500g whole beans / 1.8L liquid