Breville Precision Brewer

Enjoy perfect filter coffee with the Breville Precision Brewer. This pack includes 2 bags of Veneziano’s seasonal single origin coffees so you can enjoy a consistent and delicious brew every day.


Precision Brewer - Key Product Information Summary

With a 1.7 litre capacity, the Breville Precision Brewer is the perfect batch brewer we recommend for home or the office. Versatile and flexible you can brew with flat-bottom filters, cone filters or connect your pour-over device using the attachment. Plenty of options to customise including flow rate, bloom time and temperature. Experiment or go automatic.

**Each bundle comes with 1 x Breville Precision Brewer and 2 x 250g seasonal single origin coffees*


  • 6 unique brewing modes for customized coffee
  • Precise temperature control for optimal brewing
  • Gold Cup Standard for meeting industry-quality standards
  • Steep & Release technology for brewing without a carafe
  • Customizable settings with My Brew option
  • Pour over adapter for brewing with favorite drippers like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave

Dimensions: (W x D x H): 17 x 31 x 40cm
Capacity: 1.7 litres
Voltage: 220 – 240voltage

Meet the Breville Precision Brewer

Introducing the Breville Precision Brewer, the ultimate drip coffee maker that allows you to create a perfectly customised cup of coffee every time. With its advanced technology and precise control over temperature and brewing time, the Precision Brewer offers a range of brewing options to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Whether you prefer pour-over, cold brew, or iced coffee, the Breville Precision Brewer has you covered. Say goodbye to mediocre coffee and experience the ultimate brewing precision with the Breville Precision Brewer.

Breville Precision Brewer Features

Presets with Customisable Settings

Experience the ultimate coffee brewing precision with the Breville Precision Brewer's preset modes. Choose from 6 unique brewing modes, including Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, and Cold Brew, to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. 

Precise Temperature Control

Great-tasting coffee requires precise control over temperature, flow rate, and contact time. The Breville Precision Brewer delivers just that, with its advanced temperature control system. With adjustable and precise digital temperature control, a pump with 3 different flow rates to optimise contact time, and a thermo-coil heating system that delivers water that is purer than typical brewing systems that use aluminium, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Gold Cup Standard

In Gold Cup preset mode, The Breville Precision Brewer automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew time to meet the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This means that you can enjoy a consistently high-quality cup of coffee that meets the industry's highest standards.

Auto “Steep & Release” Technology

Breville's patent-pending Steep & Release valve holds the water in contact with the coffee when small cup volumes are being brewed without the carafe in place, automatically. This technology ensures that your coffee is perfectly brewed every time, no matter how much you're brewing.

My Brew Setting

Customise your brewing experience with the Breville Precision Brewer's My Brew setting. With this feature, you can customise any of the parameters, such as bloom time, brew temperature, and flow rate, to suit the particular coffee you're using. Whether it's more floral, fruity, earthy, or something in between, you can create a perfectly customised cup of coffee that satisfies your unique tastes.

Pour Over Adaptor

Brew any volume of coffee exactly how you like it with the Breville Precision Brewer's pour-over adapter. This adapter is designed to suit your favourite pour-over dripper, such as Hario V60 or Kalita Wave, and allows you to create a perfectly customised cup of coffee with your preferred brewing method.

Who is it for?

The Breville Precision Brewer is perfect for anyone who is passionate about coffee and wants to take their coffee brewing experience to the next level. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur, a home brewer, or a professional barista, the Precision Brewer offers advanced features and precise control that allow you to create a perfectly customised cup of coffee every time. With its range of brewing options, advanced temperature control system, and customisable settings, the Precision Brewer is the ultimate coffee brewing machine for anyone who values quality, precision, and customisation in their coffee brewing.

Additional Information

  • Construction Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1800 ml / 12 cup
  • Settings: Gold Cup, Fast, Strong Brew, Ice Coffee, Cold Brew, My Brew
  • Dual Filter Basket:Flat Bottom & Cone style Baskets included


  • Thermal Carafe
  • Coffee Spoon
  • Cone filter basket insert
  • Mesh basket filter
  • Flat bottom basket filter paper pack (10 pieces)
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Pour Over adapter included

Frequently Asked Questions

The brewing time for the Breville Precision Brewer varies depending on the brewing mode and the amount of coffee being brewed. In general, a standard 8-cup carafe takes about 7-8 minutes to brew in the Gold Cup preset mode. However, if you're brewing a smaller volume of coffee, the brew time may be shorter. The Fast mode can brew a full 12-cup carafe in under 7 minutes, while the Cold Brew mode takes around 12-24 hours to brew. The exact brew time can be adjusted depending on your preferences using the customisable settings.

The Breville Precision Brewer has a thermal carafe that can keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours after brewing, thanks to its double-walled stainless steel construction. The thermal carafe is designed to keep your coffee at the ideal drinking temperature, without overcooking or burning the coffee.

The recommended grind size for the Breville Precision Brewer depends on the brewing mode you are using. In general, a medium grind is suitable for most modes, but you may need to adjust the grind size depending on your preferences and the type of coffee you are using. 

It's important to note that the Precision Brewer is a versatile machine that allows you to experiment with different brewing variables, including grind size, to achieve the perfect cup of coffee for your taste preferences. So, don't be afraid to adjust the grind size to find the ideal setting for your coffee.

  1. Remove any coffee grounds: Ensure there are no coffee grounds in the basket before putting it into position along with the empty carafe.
  2. Add the descaling solution: Pour the descaling solution into the water reservoir.
  3. Start the descaling process: Press and hold the Select button for 3 seconds. The LCD screen will show “dSL” for a second before starting a countdown of approximately 15 minutes.
  4. Discard the solution and rinse: Once the process is finished, discard the solution and rinse the water reservoir, basket, and carafe with fresh water.

It's recommended to descale your Breville Precision Brewer every 3-4 months, depending on the hardness of the water you use.