Instant Soar (20 serves)

Ever been in the situation where you can’t get your hands on a good cup of coffee? Usually while travelling, flying or road tripping. Sometimes you’ve used the last of those beans at home! While yes, we all love to pack fresh beans, our aeropress, scales, filter papers when we’re on the go, sometimes it’s just not practical. That’s where our new specialty instant coffee comes in. 


20 x 3g serves. 
Just add water and/or milk. 
Tastes like: Lime, Caramel, Blackberry.


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For our Veneziano Soar blend, we use seasonally fresh coffees with a fruit focus. To make instant, the coffee is extracted and quickly freeze dried, resulting in a beautiful product that reminds us of a freshly brewed filter coffee.

At only $2 a serve, all you need is a jar of Veneziano’s specialty instant coffee, a mug, a spoon and hot water. Simply stir 1 teaspoon/3gs of instant coffee with boiling water for the ultimate specialty coffee on the go. Traceable specialty instant coffee. No additive, fillers, preservatives. Soar beans sourced by Veneziano Coffee Roasters.