Introducing the Hario W60

Introducing the Hario W60 - a next generation dripper

The Hario W60 has been designed by Pete Licata, 2013 World Barista Champion and R&D Consultant for Veneziano Coffee Roasters in consultation with the Hario team. 

The W60 is physically larger than the traditional V60 dripper and is designed to resemble a tea cup. With ribs that are deeper and further apart the water flow rate is also different. One of the key parts of the W60 pack is a reusable, flat bottom brewing chamber which gives you the flexibility to brew with or without a paper filter.

With the ability to brew with 3 main filter methods (paper filter only, reusable mesh only, or combining the paper filter and reusable mesh) you can experiment and achieve stunning results with body and flavour clarity.

To learn more about the W60 and watch a video with Pete brewing.

All units will be dispatched at the end of June.